Positivity not negativity

Following recent events and as a core developer of the decentralized public network, I have employed the first patch: all content submitted to the network must now be in multimedia format. This is to avoid exploits to the public network.

Furthermore, after the network received it’s first communique, there appears to have been retaliation on the site of Warmoezeniersweg vzw next to The Other Side. I have now cleared this mess up creating two new compost piles in the process.

12-month old toilet compost waste was spread across pathways and access to gardens blocked with logs. This is an area where children play and others explore.

Given how badly someone spread this waste, therefore contaminating the pathways, it appears to have been nothing more than an act of aggression.

Fight negativity with positivity

– The Architect

First communiqué received

Received via the decentralized public network

“We write to inform the network of the following:

Warmoezeniersweg vzw are full of shit.: They represent the pathetic neurotypical society that we live in. They are full of words but lack in action. They threaten to disrupt ecological research, but are too cowardly and lazy to take any action.

They are typical of collecitivist groups with their big words and empty threats, in an attempt to dis-empower and intimidate individuals and their freedoms. If they cared this much about their trees, they wouldn’t have prunned them wrong for years like the muppets that they are. Finally they claim to care, even if yet to prove it.

For those of you close to the network, you may know what we are talking about. For others unaware, be cautious of being used like pawns by this dysfunctional association.

In support of ecological research, experimentation and self-empowerment.

– A few disgruntled gardeners.”

Disclaimer: The facilitators of the public network for sharing information and communication neither condemns nor condones the words of these so-called gardeners. None of the statements provided have been verified by non-existent representatives of the network, please do your own research. As network admins, we strive towards representing individuals and supporting their freedom of speech, especially with those who identify with the public network. Links added for references.